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Joseph C. Green, B.S

Joseph Green

BRAINBox Solutions, Inc., Senior Laboratory Technologist

We have been using eLAB for about 6 months now and it has greatly improved our organization and efficiency. My favorite part is having the COA and QC documents pertaining to each individual antibody/protein all in one place. Shortly our company will be kicking off a 1,250 patient clinical trial and eLAB is going to be an integral part of managing the study. eLAB is very customizatable and capable of meeting many different needs, I’m sure that with continued use we will discover even more features that will help improve our work flow. Additionally the eLAB team is incredibly responsive and easy to work with. Thanks for the help getting us going and answering all of our questions.

Ronnie Berntsson

Ronnie Berntsson

Umea University, Assistant Professor

eLABJournal provides excellent software that makes research easy to document and retrieve, while also providing stellar support, improving our research efficiency. I am very happy with my eLabJournal subscription.

Katharina Hanika

Katharina Hanika

Wageningen University, Scientist

Working with the eLABJournal and eLABInventory has significantly improved my data management. The digital sample storage has become indispensable from my everyday work, and my research has benefited from the easy collaboration with my colleagues to share protocols, samples and data.

Sheila Walker

Sheila Walker

Prometheus Lab - Nestle HealthScience, Lab Manager

Before purchasing eLABJournal, all research experiments were documented in lab notebooks with much time spent copying and pasting results into the notebooks. It was impossible to put all of the results in the notebooks as there were so many electronic data. Since we have gotten eLABJournal, all research experiments are documented electronically with the ability to append all of the electronic data associated with the experiments. This has been a game changer for us in terms of saving time but also it has increased productivity as it allows us to easily search the database using keywords for any experiment written. In addition to the ease of using eLABJournal, the eLAB customer support group is incredibly responsive with any questions we have.

Gert Hofstede

Gert Hofstede

Institute for Life Science & Technology

eLABJournal enables our students to keep digital logbooks properly! I have used eLabJournal for the past two years. eLABJournal is web-based and that means you can use it on any device. All you need is an account and a stable WiFi connection. Its greatest value to us as a course is that we can train students perfectly for the field in which they will soon be working!

Joost Folgering

Joost Folgering

Brains, On-Line, Study Director

We have been working with the eLABInventory system for a couple of years now. The system is extremely versatile and flexible. We use it not only for tracking our biological samples but also for keeping stock of our chemicals. Good quality software, no need to buy extras that you will never use.

Oskar Westlin

Oskar Westlin

Uppsala University

eLABJournal made it possible for Uppsala iGEM to organize a lab of freshmen to senior students into a single working unit. Once set up, it’s very easy and time-efficient to use and it has been a strong contributing factor to our nomination for the 2015 iGEM environmental awards.

Ben Scherer

Ben Scherer

Nutritional Experiment Scientist

eLABJournal allows me to easily control my samples and storage units within a sensible and user-friendly web-based platform for a fraction of the cost of other LIMS. Technical Support is prompt and always helpful, prioritizing my individual requirements.

Ludolf Boven

Ludolf Boven

UMC Groningen
Research Technician

We are striving to become a 100% digital office and eLabJournal perfectly complements this company goal. This affordable digital lab journal gives an easy (searchable) overview of all (current) experiments and easily connects the SOPs to the inventory manager. In addition, PhD students, their experiment,s and data can efficiently be tracked. And the service is great!

Dmitry Lapin

Dmitry Lapin

Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research

Our group is now using eLABinventory. This is clearly a better level of lab management. It feels like a shift from a simple mobile phone to a smartphone. Thanks to the eLABinventory team.

Marja O'Neill

Marja O'Neill

Forest Molecular Genetics (FMG), University of Pretoria
Project Coordinator

The fantastic support we get from you has had a huge impact on our decision to continue with eLABJournal as opposed to other ELN and LIMS.


Anita Rogic

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York
Associate Researcher II

We have been using eLABProtocols here in the lab and it has been working wonderfully.