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Connecting Lab Devices to eLABJournal

Lab instruments and devices are used on a daily basis in almost every workflow in the lab. These devices take care of analyzing, storing and in general handling samples and allow you to collect data during experiment execution. It is important to fully track any event that occurs during the course of the experiment and being aware of those events when the need arises. Bio-ITech supports an open device connectivity protocol to connect any lab devices directly to eLABJournal. Solve the overhead of collecting data from each device separately, archive device log files automatically, and monitor and control lab devices from behind your computer.

Automatic Data Acquisition

Instruments that measure samples generate digital data. Storing and analyzing these data in a traceable manner is in most labs rather laborious as data from every experiment usually need to be collected manually and separately from each lab device. By connecting lab instruments to eLABJournal, all data recorded by lab devices are automatically linked to the associated experiment. Save time and be efficient in the lab and automatically track and capture measurements from devices in eLABJournal.

Real-time Device Monitoring

Be in control of your experiments and monitor devices in real-time even when you are out of the lab. Access your lab device from anywhere in the world to see how cultures are growing. Be notified automatically in case of an alarm or when growth conditions alter. Easily control or change growth conditions during the course of experiments from outside of the lab. Bring lab devices to life and let them communicate the information that is relevant to your experiment setup.

Event Logging

Connect devices to eLABJournal and automatically receive and store log files of the devices as generated during your experiment. Be able to retrieve and verify the exact experiment conditions of a device during an experiment. According to GLP compliancy, logs are received and associated with the corresponding experiment in eLABJournal.

eLAB Open Device Connectivity Protocol

eLABJournal has a device connecting API available that is based on an open standard. Labs can connect lab devices themselves by connecting devices to the eLABJournal device connectivity API. See below for how for example Eppendorf Devices are able to connect to eLABJournal.


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