2.1 Disclaimer for Enhanced LaB Execution Beta

Enhanced LaB Execution is released as beta version and is provided "as-is" without any indemnification, warranty or maintenance of any kind. By installing Enhanced LaB Execution you acknowledge that the use of this add-on has not been fully tested and may contain errors and bugs. eLabNext or Eppendorf SE cannot be held responsible for any damage that this may cause. The primary purpose of releasing Enhanced LaB Execution in beta version is to solicit feedback and help test new features or changes to existing features for a future release. eLabNext and Eppendorf SE have no obligation to Customer to further develop or publicly release this add-on since some aspects for Enhanced LaB Execution may or may not be suitable for commercial release. By installing this add-on you agree to grant eLabNext and Eppendorf SE a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use, copy, distribute, make derivative works and incorporate feedback into any eLabNext or Eppendorf SE product at the sole discretion of eLabNext and Eppendorf SE. Enhanced LaB Execution provides pre-configured templates that are intended for molecular research applications. 

Trademarks of third parties appear in the templates and are the property of the respective owners. The templates were created based on publicly available protocols by respective owners.  The trademark name representations and listed owners can be found here: https://corporate.eppendorf.com/en/trademarks-patents/

For correct use of Enhanced LaB Execution, additional support from Eppendorf SE is required to ensure correct configuration of workflows. By installing Enhanced LaB Execution you acknowledge that your contact information is sent to Eppendorf SE to contact you for further support.

Please also note the Eppendorf privacy statement, which you can find here: