4.1 Create an eLabJournal account & login


You need to be an eLabJournal customer with cloud hosting to use the Enhanced LaB Execution  add-on. The add-on is currently not available for locally hosted on-premise installations of eLabNext.

To register and setup your eLabJournal account please visit the eLabNext online help:


Or use the eLabNext website to get more information about trial period, pricing etc.:


4.2 eLabJournal login and Enhanced LaB Execution installation 

Login to your eLabJournal account. Navigate to the eLabJournal Marketplace to install the Enhanced LaB Execution add-on: https://www.elabnext.com/add-ons/ (Figure 1):

Figure 1: Enhanced LaB Execution add-on in the eLabNext Marketplace.

Then click “Install” to install the add-on. Select the version for the add-on and confirm the installation by clicking “Install”. Enhanced LaB Execution will be installed for all users in your group. The installed add-on will automatically appear under the “Installed” add-ons tab in the Marketplace.  

Once installed, the Enhanced LaB Execution sub menu is available under “Protocols” in the main menu (Figure 2). The protocol library is displayed by default.

Figure 2: . The Protocols and Worklfows section can be found under the Protocols tab.