The workflow documentation is automatically generated after the workflow execution has been completed. The documentation compiles all user, sample and instrumentation data collected during the execution process. All entries are write-protected. The documentation can be printed and signed by using familiar eLabJournal functionalities.

Figure 16: Workflow Documentation with multiple expandable view.

To review the workflow documentation expand the respective Enhanced LaB Execution view of the eLabJournal section (see example Figure 16).

Protocol - overview of all protocols of the selected workflow. In the detailed view of the listed protocol steps, potential deviations are indicated as symbols with user, time stamp, and corresponding text information captured during execution. Assigned devices are also displayed as symbols in the corresponding steps.

Measurements - overview of all measurement results if captured during execution. Results are listed for each labware and are sorted by position in the respective protocol.

Sample List - overview of all checked-in samples of the selected workflow. Removed samples during

execution are indicated by a crossed-out test tube symbol in the corresponding step.

Labware Layout - overview of the final sample layout of all labware used in this workflow. Sample positions that were removed during the execution of the workflow are displayed with a red symbol.

Materials - overview of the materials defined in the protocol editor. Information that the user was forced to enter by the building block Material is displayed here.

Devices - overview of all assigned devices during execution. In a detailed view all devices are listed in the order of their occurrence in the respective protocol.