To use the API you need an authentication token. To generate a token using the API, you can use the Authentication API calls. Read here how you can access the API.

Enter your user name and password and click Try it out

The API response will provide you a valid API token th.

Generating an API token when SSO or 2FA is active

In case your organisation uses the organisation login SAML/SSO or in case 2-step verification is active, you should generate and API key in the Apps & Connections.

Click on Manage Authentication to generate your API key.

In the appeared window you can generate an access token. Enter a name or description of the device you are creating an access token for. Note, here you can also remove access tokens that are no longer used and access should no longer be authorized.

Your API key is shown below the QR code.

Once you have generated an the API token (the token is the part that is appended to the system url), you can paste it in the api_key box and click Explore. You should now be authenticated to use the API.