The amount of data you can store in eLabJournal Cloud is in principle unlimited. With the eLabJournal Cloud, each user has 20 GB of storage space to store and link data files in the ELN. In case you need more storage space you can upgrade per 50GB in the eLabJournal Cloud. To link large data sets to experiments in the eLABJournal Cloud, we recommend to use the eLABHybrid Storage solution in which you can link a local file server in your lab to the eLABJournal Cloud. All uploaded data files in the ELN will be stored on the local network server, while eLABJournal provides file versioning and keeps all file hashes to guarantee data authenticity. For more information about our hybrid storage solution, please contact us.

Alternatively, you can choose to get an eLABJournal Private Cloud installation that includes a standard storage capacity of 1 Tb or the eLABJournal On-Premises installation in which the storage capacity is defined by the provided hardware of the organisation.