For the most straightforward eLabJournal on-premise installation, a set of the following preconfigured servers should be provided by the client:

  •    eLabJournal application server: Microsoft Windows Server 2019, including the capacity for file storage
  •    eLabJournal database server: Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (recommended: 20.04 LTS)
  •    Microsoft Office Online server (OOS): Microsoft Windows Server 2019 (if applicable)
  •    Reverse Proxy / Load Balancer and Firewall (e.g. Linux server; if applicable)

In the standard set-up, data files are stored on the application server. Disk space on the application server should be provided in accordance with the client's storage space requirement. Optionally, eLabJournal also supports a more scalable, high availability and shared-nothing architecture. Please contact us to request the full technical specifications or read more on our website.

Installation and periodic maintenance of eLabJournal is done remotely, by providing us access to your servers using a secured VPN connection. We use Octopus Autodeployer for remote system installations to provide your organisation with the latest software updates.