eLABJournal ELN | Premium Electronic Lab Notebook

eLABJournal Electronic Lab Notebook

Track Experiment Data

Keep experiment data in context in our intuitive electronic lab notebook. Add data including text, protocols, drawings, images, and tables, and link samples or any raw data file. Organize experiments in projects and studies to keep your lab notebook organized. With our advanced search feature you can easily retrieve experiment data even years later.

If you already have existing digital experiment data and wish to switch to our system: we offer secure imports of your data. Really nothing ever gets lost with our software.

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Versioning & Data Recovery

We offer fully GLP-compliant laboratory software. This means that all versions of all data added in eLABJournal are saved automatically. For every change, see who made which edit and easily recover earlier versions of your data files.

Collaborate & Share

Easily collaborate and share experiments and experiment data within your digital lab notebook. Assign collaborators to experiments to work on joint projects or studies in or across laboratories. Group leaders can keep track of all experiments and see the latest advances in current projects anywhere and anytime.

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Sign & Witness

Keep your experiment data authentic by using our GLP-compliant digital signature feature to lock experiments and prevent finished experiments from further edits. After you sign the preliminary report of your experiment, you can select a direct colleague or group leads to sign and approve your report. After this witness signature, your experiment report is permanently locked. This handy feature is also relevant for intellectual property protection purposes.

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