Farmers Cut

Farmers Cut implements eLABJournal in its journey to revolutionize the urban food supply

Farmers Cut developed a new farming technology called Dryponics® that is considered to be the next step up from hydroponics. The plants grow on a semipermeable membrane that floats on top of water allowing access to nutrients and water while creating an impenetrable barrier to pathogens.

Benjamin Zinßer

eLABJournal allows our team to work closely together on one platform with the possibility to store and share any information without losing context. In addition with eLABJournal we can manage all experiments easily but never lose flexibility.”

Benjamin Zinßer Plant Research Associate


Maximize the effectiveness, productivity, and security of research and development.

Challenge – Organize research data and prevent any loss of knowledge and valuable research time

Since knowledge about growing leafy greens indoors is very limited, we need to conduct several experiments to create “plant recipes”, in which we define all environmental parameters including the propagation and germination times required to grow baby leaves, microgreens, and herbs. We are under great pressure to gain as much knowledge as quickly as possible and to keep it organized and structured so that it is instantly accessible. We needed an IT solution that stores data, sets of measurements, sample codes, and images in a way that is entirely safe and secure, to avoid any loss of data which would inevitably mean loss of critical knowledge and delays in the project.

Solution – Keep a clear overview of all experiments and samples

We set up our samples infrastructure with eLABJournal and use it for all of our documentation. Each rack and sample tray (a layer which offers space for three samples) now have their own ID. Every ID is linked to a specific storage location using QR codes on the sample labels making it easier and faster for us to set up new experiments, which keeps us another step ahead of our competitors who do not have such a system.

Result – Data is accessible to everyone from everywhere

With the help of eLABJournal, our team greatly improved their workflow by being able to store all their data centrally. Now, there is no need to go through multiple spreadsheets and merge data in order to draw conclusions or view results. Thus saving us time by making it simpler to create our own easily read and understood experimental result format.

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