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FLUICS CONNECT Now Offers Reliable Label Printing in Seconds

FLUICS CONNECT is a specialized printer system developed by FLUICS, a startup company out of the Technical University Munich. It uses robust, bright yellow labels sized perfectly for bio lab sample tubes and offers two standard label layouts with both machine readable QR codes and human readable text. The FLUICS CONNECT Online Label Printer and the Bio-ITech eLABJournal system have been designed and configured to work in harmony every time.

Plug the printer into your eLABJournal system, select the FLUICS Print configuration, and you are off and running, able to print labels immediately without another thought. Printing perfect labels is fast, easy, and completely reliable. What a relief!

FLUICS Print package for eLABJournal

How Does It Work?

  • Once the FLUICS CONNECT Online Label Printer is connected to the Internet via Ethernet and the User’s API key is entered in the Add-on Configuration field within eLABJournal, labels can be printed immediately from your eLABJournal account.

  • All labels contain a digitally readable QR code and human readable text. Two different label layouts are available by default, and additional ones can be developed upon request.

  • Connect as many printers as you like to each eLABJournal System so that users can choose printers that are most conveniently located..

Contact us to set up a demo and learn more about the integration of FLUICS CONNECT Online Label Printer with eLABJournal.

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