iGEM Rotterdam 2019

iGEM Rotterdam 2019 centralizes documentation with eLABJournal

This year the iGEM team of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences decided to develop a universal assay to detect certain disease targets in novel and unique ways. The Health Risk Detection Kit (HRD Kit) was intended to enable consumers to detect a risk of illness at home. The HRD Kit would be expected to provide fast, definitive results, enabling consumers to make better medical decisions. We considered the use of several possible technologies, including aptamers, zinc fingers, split TEV protease, and the enzyme β-lactamase.

Anass Fendrhoussi

“In my experience, eLABJournalhas been a great help in organizing our data and products. This software is very user-friendly and very professional to use both for students and researchers.”

Anass Fendrhoussi Medical laboratory researcher


To develop a universal assay which can detect various targets in unique ways.

Challenge – Access to centralized data

In the course of our research, we had to review and weigh the results of the experiments. This was very difficult because we did not have a central repository for all of our research data. It was scattered in various laboratories with different members of the team.

Solution – Increased efficiency

The electronic lab notebook functions of eLABJournal helped us to bring order to our work, storing and managing information and data about the experiments and enabling it to be retrieved and reviewed by any team member on any computer or smartphone. And the eLABinventory module proved very helpful in managing the many samples we generated, enabling us to keep track of their locations and retrieve them instantly when needed.

Result – Compliance with iGEM competition documentation requirements

eLABJournal helped us to document all of our results. This was very important, because the iGEM judges insist that all research activities and results must be fully and consistently documented. We needed an accessible and reliable software platform that we could learn quickly. eLABJournal fitted perfectly, proving very user-friendly, and the clear, appealing layout of the eLAB reports gave the iGEM judges exactly what they needed.

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