iGEM Wageningen

Wageningen UR First Runner Up in iGEM 2019 uses eLABJournal

International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) is a worldwide synthetic biology competition that started at MIT in 2003 and had grown by 2019 to 360 teams and over 5,500 students from 46 countries. It includes Overgraduate, Undergraduate, and High School categories.

Ben Kuipers

eLABJournal combined our various projects into one, was amazingly fast to implement, and managed the storage and retrieval of samples using the eLABInventory function.”

Ben Kuipers Safety Officer


To develop an enhanced bacteriophage therapy as a cure for the plant pathogen Xylella fastidiosa. An important part of the iGEM competition is talking to the public about your project (Human Outreach). Our secondary goal was thus to increase public awareness of this pathogen and its disastrous effects.

Challenge – Organizing research online

We needed an electronic lab notebook in our lab, and we chose eLAB. Of course, we still have paper but exchanging information like protocols is much easier with an online solution, especially when it is accessible from anywhere, inside or outside our university.

Solution – Integrated project management

eLAB is very user friendly, which was the most important factor in choosing an ELN. In two days it was completely set up, which was incredibly fast! Absolutely amazing!

Result – Data is accessible to everyone from everywhere

eLABJournal helped us by combining our various projects into one. And the integrated inventory application, eLABInventory, was useful for managing the storage and retrieval of samples without any possibility of error or loss.

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