New eLABJournal Add-ons

We have been working hard to make our products even better!

Over the past several months, we have developed a number of features that are designed to enhance your experience in the electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) eLABJournal and the Sample and Inventory Tracking system eLABInventory

Introducing eLABHybrid

In response to customer requests for a solution for handling large (up to 100GB) data files, eLABHybrid is now available as an add-on in eLABJournal. This module allows you to store large data files on a local server while operating within the eLABJournal Cloud or Private Cloud. With eLABHybrid, files linked in the ELN are stored on a local server while the file’s audit trail continues to be kept within the ELN in accordance with GLP compliance. Read more

What else is new:


New Mobile App

We completely redesigned and rebuilt the mobile apps for Android and iOS. Besides improving existing functionalities, such as sample barcode scanning, reserving lab equipment, access to lab protocols, and the use of two-step authentication, you can also now access your ELN to view experiments in the Mobile App. Read more


ZPL Label Printing

Many of you have requested extended integration of label printers. Not only did we upgrade the connection with the DYMO LabelWriter by including more options to customize and align labels, but we also enabled the connection of a Zebra or Brady ZPL label printer for printing barcode labels.


Office Online Server

We have upgraded the integration of native Microsoft Excel in the ELN to the new Office Online Server (OOS). With this new update, Microsoft Excel now offers the same functionalities as Microsoft Office365 Online Office. The new OOS also offers options to integrate other Office products in the near future.

There’s more….

In addition to these great new updates, we have also released: