eLABJournal ELN | Private Cloud Monitoring

Private Cloud Monitoring

Maximized system uptime and performance

The eLABJournal Private Cloud is a managed hosting solution that not only includes system hosting. To maximize system uptime and performance, Bio-ITech continuously monitors the health and application uptime of an eLABJournal Private Cloud installation using Zabbix. In case the server or application is unavailable or irregularities on the server or network are detected, our system engineers are notified automatically to solve the issue and to avoid escalation. Any event on the server is automatically logged.

Internal Server Monitoring Rules

PlatformComponentCheck frequencyAlert rule (09:00-17:30 CET)Alert rule (24/7)
GenericHost availability1 minHost unreachable for 5 minutesHost unreachable for 5 minutes
Host restarted1 minHost restarted
Number of processes1 min> 300 during last 5 min
Time synchronization15 minTime offset > 30 secondsTime offset > 30 seconds
Linux ServerFree nodes1 min< 20% free< 10% free
Max number of open files1 hr< 1024
Database1 minDatabase downDatabase down
Database cluster status1 min< 3 nodes< 2 nodes
Database node status1 minDatabase rejoining cluster
CPU1 minLoad > 5 during 5 minutesLoad > 5 during 15 minutes
Memory1 min< 150 MB available< 50 MB available
Swap1 min< 25%
Disk space1 minDisk space < 20%Disk space < 10%
Disk I/O performance1 minDisk queue > 20% for 5 minutes
Windows ServerServices1 minService is down

External Server Monitoring

PlatformComponentCheck frequencyAlert rule (09:00-17:30 CET)Alert rule (24/7)
GenericHTTP 200 response1 minCode < > 200 for last 2 timesCode < > 200 for last 2 times
Response time1 minLast 3 times > 1Last 3 times > 1
Download speed1 minLast 3 times < 2048Last 3 times < 2048
Certificate validity check6 hr< 30 days remaining, < 15 days remaining< 7 days remaining, 0 days remaining

eLABJournal Private Cloud High Availability (HA)

Although with our monitoring policies we maximize system uptime, downtime related to technical issues in the Amazon AWS Cloud infrastructure are beyond our control. To mitigate those risks, the eLABJournal Private Cloud is also available as an High Availability (HA) installation. With the eLABJournal Private Cloud HA, a duplicate system installation is available in a different physical AWS Cloud environment. Read more about the eLABJournal Private Cloud HA.