eLABJournal ELN | Private Cloud Pricing

Private Cloud Pricing

Turn-key Managed Hosting ELN Solution

eLABJournal Private Cloud is a dedicated and customer-specific installation of eLABJournal ELN in an Amazon Web Service (AWS) data center. The eLABJournal Private Cloud is a turn-key and fully managed hosting solution which includes the following services:

  • eLABJournal Software License
  • System Hosting and Maintenance
  • System Monitoring and Logging
  • Software Updates
  • Data Back-ups
  • Data Storage up to 1TB*
  • Support#
* Upgrade of storage space possible, local storage of (large) data files on a local server is supported with the eLABHybrid add-on.
#Both technical and functional application support is included.

The eLABJournal Private Cloud is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) for a monthly fixed price. The monthly price is dependent on the size of the organisation (i.e. the number of active users in the system). The Private Cloud installations range from system installations suitable to accommodate up to 50 active users to a system for organisations with up to 2000 users. Interested in a quote specific for your organisation? Please contact us.

Implementation Services

Bio-ITech not only delivers the Private Cloud installation, but also supports your organisation with the implementation of the Electronic Lab Notebook. From our offices in Europe and the United States, we offer key-user training, group implementation, end-user training and data migration services. We offer our services both remotely via online webinars or in person at the site of the customer. See our detailed Private Cloud implementation steps. and services we provide