Safe, Reliable Identification

»Stored vessels must be labeled« – something every lab member agrees on. In reality, you always fnd some vessels in your freezer without any labeling or with unreadable labeling. Clear labeling is recommended to make reading as easy and as reliable as possible for everyone. Printed labels on vessels in plain writing are the minimum condition for safe reading. Barcodes or 2D data matrix codes are the next step towards fast and safe sample identification.

Eppendorf SafeCode System

The SafeCode system for Eppendorf CryoStorage Vials is based on a 3-level coding to enable safe sample identifcation. Up to 96 pre-labeled vials are pre-racked and precapped for convenient usage. Tube volumes from 0.5 mL – 4.0 mL provide a broad range of storage applications, available off-the-shelf for direct availability.

CryoStorage Vials

Using several volumes for your sample storage? Eppendorf CryoStorage Vials come in 5 different volumes: 0.5 mL, 1.0 mL, 1.5 mL, 2.0 mL, & 4.0 mL. All are also available sterilized and ready-to-use.

Features & benefts

  • Pre-labeled off-the-shelf consumables for immediate use
  • Store all relevant experimental data for easy documentation
  • Reliable long-term labels for safe sample ID

Paperwork required?

For certification purposes, more and more users need to document every piece of information. Vials are a major part of the workflow within the lab. Therefore, further information about the CryoStorage Vials like lot number, order number, certificates etc. are available via the Eppendorf website based on the individual vial code. The information can be automatically transferred to eLABJournal. Find out more about it

Eppendorf RackScan

The Eppendorf RackScan provides you the solution to scan sample tubes with datamatrix (2D) codes. The Eppendorf RackScan b scans data from the bottom of vessels. The instrument can be equipped with the „s“ accessory to read side-labeled vessels. Data can be exported directly to eLABJournal. More information about the RackScan

Features & benefts

  • Camera-based system for fast data reading
  • Small footprint to save space
  • Robust design for long life
  • Easy and fast sample code recognition
  • Automated data transfer to eLABJournal

eLABJournal integration with Eppendorf RackScan

eLABJournal is an all-in-one ELN with a highly customizable inventory management module to organize any type of sample in the lab. Complement your Eppendorf RackScan with eLABJournal software to quickly scan high throughput of sample batches. Visualize your sample database, keep stocks up to date and, access inventory from anywhere. Logs will be kept automatically ensuring a full sample audit trail.

Features & benefts

  • Intuitive user interface includes visual inventory browsing for easy handling
  • Barcode labeling and scanning for high-throughput
  • Full sample audit trail and change log requirements
  • End-to-End encryption via SSL Class III certifcate for safe data transfer
  • According to 21 CFR part 11 for greater documentation security

Contact us to set up a demo and learn more about the integration of SafeCode within eLABJournal.

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