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Sample Tracking

Intuitive Sample Tracking

Register all your samples in any storage location to optimize browsing and finding your sample. Set up custom sample types for your lab, track all relevant sample information, and view in which experiments samples were generated and used.


Barcode Identification & Labelling

Identify each sample in the lab and with – automatically in eLabJournal – generated 2D barcodes or link external barcodes. Use the eLABJournal Mobile app to retrieve and update sample information, or manage samples with our dedicated, wireless eLABScan barcodescanner . Everything you need to track your sample collection or biobank.

mobile-app-sample Dymo Label Writer scanner

Sample Audit Trail

Sample information updates are automatically collected in a chronological sample log to track all edits in a GLP compliant manner. This includes erroneously discarded samples. Insights are given in which experiments the specific sample is created and used, which lab devices were used for the experiment, and in which current storage location the sample is placed.

sample log