eLABJournal Software updates

Based on feedback from our customers, we continuously add new features and improve the functionality of the eLABJournal ELN. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let our customer care team know!

Version: 81

  • Feature: Equipment status can be set to unavailable.
  • Feature: Project Export is now supported for dedicated installations.
  • Improvement: Rebuild AD FS authentication to a generic SAML authentication supporting OKTA and SimpleSAML.
  • Improvement: Various improvements for the Equipment list including sorting handles, quick filters and search.
  • Improvement: SURFconext authentication now uses new metadata.
  • Improvement: Various new API calls.
  • Fix: Locations in Sample List were incorrectly displayed in certain cases.
  • Fix: Copy Storage Unit created incorrect Storage Unit template definition.
  • Fix: Incorrect handling of copy and paste actions (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) in the Sample Batch Import.
  • Fix: Validation for dates in the Sample Batch Imports for US date formats.
  • Fix: Links to experiments and samples in PDF exports were incorrectly generated.
  • Fix: Printing of custom field were incorrectly sorted in some cases.
  • Fix: Suppliers were incorrectly grouped in the Supplies import for System Administrators.
  • Fix: Batch import of samples into boxes with only column or row now works correctly.
  • Fix: Certain JSON objects retrieved from the API were incorrectly formatted in API in Internet Explorer.
  • Fix: SDK button did not fire underlying actions in certain cases.

Version: 80

  • Feature: Mathematical formula annotation is supported in ELN text sections and protocol sections.
  • Feature: Protocol sections are now locked when edited by a different user.
  • Feature: Contents of files linked in the ELN file section are now made searchable.
  • Improvement: SDK plugins support version numbers.
  • Improvement: Release of documentation V2.4.
  • Improvement: Added new API calls and solved in various issues in existing API calls.
  • Improvement: Added nanogram per microliter as concentration unit for protocol variables.
  • Improvement: Share public profile is now also removed to comply with GDPR.
  • Improvement: Several improvements in the eLAB SDK.
  • Improvement: Active Group is now automatically set when System Admin or Organisation Admin creates an account
  • Fix: Samples linked in protocol are now correctly added in ELN protocol section.
  • Fix: ZPL label template size settings correctly loaded when editing a label.
  • Fix: Number of digits in ZPL barcode label preview corresponds to the printed number of digits.
  • Fix: Boxes with special characters in the name displayed in the Inventory Browser.
  • Fix: Support for batch sample import when pasting from MacOS.
  • Fix: User could not be removed from a group when active group was not set.
  • Fix: Window positioning for setting default value of a date variable in protocol.
  • Fix: Support for submitting SDK plugins in IE and Firefox.
  • Fix: Link to documentation in eLABSync.
  • Fix: Moving of dynamic elements in protocols.

Version: 79

  • Feature: Viewing of PDF files is supported in the ELN file section.
  • Feature: ELN image editor supports re-editing of elements.
  • Improvement: SDK is also accessible for development of plugins in the System Admin Panel.
  • Improvement: Page numbering in the Experiment List has been improved to support navigation when more than 1000 experiments are listed.
  • Improvement: The file name is truncated for files with a very long name in the ELN file section.
  • Improvement: Groups are sorted alphabetically when adding a user to a group in the System Admin or Organisation Admin Panel.
  • Improvement: Change log is available for end-users.
  • Improvement: Added indication that system messages can only contain up to 255 characters.
  • Improvement: Several security enhancement to counteract potential cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.
  • Improvement: new API call for sample expiration date.
  • Fix: Last login date in System and Organisation Admin Panel are displayed correctly according to time zone setting.
  • Fix: SDK plugin submission upload validation accepts custom plugins correctly.
  • Fix: Sorting of Pending Experiments table works correctly.
  • Fix: Uploaded Files on Dashboard no longer loads a non-existent preview for non-image files.
  • Fix: System Admin can recover experiments in groups or other organisations.
  • Fix: Content of toast message is no longer loaded in certain popup windows.
  • Fix: SAML/SURFconext authentication no longer triggers error in certain situations.

Version: 78

  • Feature: New setting for compartments that enables the adding of sample series and the cloning, moving and importing of samples from top to bottom in a box.
  • Feature: ELN sample section supports new feature to display columns with custom sample information and default sample actions such as moving and archiving of samples.
  • Improvement: Improved Sample Type field validation options for text, numeric and file attachment custom fields.
  • Improvement: Paging has been added to the notification inbox.
  • Improvement: Documentation has been updated to version 2.3
  • Improvement: API now supports finding samples based on sample parent and its derived samples.
  • Fix: Validation of System Admin sample import now outputs error messages in case samples are imported to in use locations.
  • Fix: Check for already in use barcodes during the linking of an external barcode with a barcode scanner.
  • Fix: Repetitive opening of toast messages in Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge.
  • Fix: The incorrect displaying of the collaborator button in the ELN in wide screens.
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements.

Version: 77.1

  • Fix: Adding new user roles could fail if a role of the same name already existed in another group.

Version: 77

  • Feature: Image versions in the ELN, including the original version, are now available for download in the image history.
  • Improvement: Downloading of images in ELN is now default to the latest version.
  • Improvement: GET calls in the API now support more parameters.
  • Fix: Link to experiment in toast messages now opens the correct experiment.
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements.

Version: 76

  • Feature: Users can now choose which sections are included in an experiment PDF export.
  • Feature: A change log of permissions is now available for each group in the Group Permissions.
  • Feature: New API calls for retrieving samples and storage layers by its barcode.
  • Feature: New API call for bulk adding and updating sample specification (meta) fields.
  • Improvement: Page size in Sample List, Advanced Search and Sample Archive can be increased up to 200 samples.
  • Improvement: New version of eLABHybrid, including more efficient handling of very large files and improved error messaging.
  • Improvement: Addition and removal of collaborators in study or project is now recorded properly in the experiment log.
  • Improvement: eLAB installations in the US cloud now include translations for US English.
  • Improvement: Correct validation of measurement units in the sample quantity API calls.
  • Fix: Correct protocol link in the received email when commenting on a protocol.
  • Fix: Removed an inactive link in the toast message when an image is added to an experiment from the dashboard.
  • Fix: Correct styling and positioning of buttons in the popup when linking a file to a sample.
  • Fix: Deleting uploaded files from the dashboard did not always work correctly.

Version: 75.5

  • Fix: In the edit screen of a sample the quantity field could sometimes show an incorrect measurement unit.

Version: 75.4

  • Fix: A number of buttons in the journal and protocol text editor were not visible.

Version: 75.3

  • Fix: The protocol editor had a bug that prevented editing a section.

Version: 75.2

  • Feature: Support for the upcoming experiment section editor in the mobile apps.

Version: 75.1

  • Feature: Batch import of samples into multiple locations is now supported.
  • Improvement: Number of samples that can be imported at once is increased to 200 in the sample batch import.
  • Fix: Conditional fields were not shown when adding or editing a sample.

Version: 75

  • Feature: Equipment with planner is now available in eLABInventory.
  • Feature: Experiments and sections with a long title are now displayed in a tooltip in the ELN index tree.
  • Feature: Open sections in the ELN are marked in edit mode in the ELN index tree.
  • Feature: Option “Bulk Edit” for samples in the Sample Series List is now available
  • Feature: Sample export now includes the external barcode when linked to a sample.
  • Improvement: Handling when editing an ELN section in case another section is still open.
  • Improvement: Confirmation when deleting a sample type now includes the name of the sample type.
  • Improvement: External barcode linked to a sample is now included in the search index.
  • Improvement: Several technical improvements for the Office Online Server integration.
  • Fix: Message when uploading a non-image file format in the image section is now solved.

Version: 74

  • Improvement: Printing DYMO labels with two sample specification fields is now supported.
  • Improvement: Harmonized the storage of references to images linked in the ELN.
  • Improvement: Icons of reserved compartments have been updated to high resolution images.
  • Improvement: Several technical improvements for the Office Online Server integration.
  • Fix: Icons of moved compartments are now displayed properly.
  • Fix: Files with an extension in capitals can now be linked to a sample from the file storage.
  • Fix: Sample move operations have been made to always correctly display in the sample log.
  • Fix: Declining an invitation to join a group on the dashboard has been made possible.
  • Fix: Sample quantity API calls now properly validate different types.