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For small companies and individual academic labs

eLABJournal Cloud is an off-the-shelf configurable Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) that is the best solution for customers that do not have the budget or resources to invest in hardware and system maintenance. With an eLABJournal Cloud license, a full service solution is provided to customers around the globe in which users can access their ELN anywhere and anytime online via a web browser. The eLABJournal Cloud is hosted in multiple ISO-certified data centers with high availability and full redundancy. Data are backed up in real-time and are periodically archived to an off-site encrypted vault. System maintenance, software updates, and support are included in the offered licenses.

eLABJournal Cloud is compatible with eLABJournal Private Cloud or eLABJournal On-Premises and you can upgrade anytime migrate your data as your lab or organisation grows.

Advantages of eLABJournal Cloud

  • Turn-key and fully configurable
  • No upfront investments
  • Hosting in ISO-certified data centers
  • Flexible license plans

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For SME companies and academic institutes

eLABJournal Private Cloud is a customer-specific installation of eLABJournal ELN in an ISO-certified Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud datacentre. The eLABJournal Private Cloud can be configured as cloud application or access can be restricted to the IP range of your organisation.

Hosting of eLABJournal ELN as a Private Cloud aligns perfectly if you require a dedicated system installation, while taking advantage of a managed hosting software solution that includes server hosting, system maintenance and monitoring, software updates and data back-ups. The eLABJournal Private Cloud is available in various installation sizes to offer a tailed setup for your organisation or lab.

Advantages of eLABJournal Private Cloud

  • Turn-key Deployed
  • Managed Hosting Solution
  • Hosting in ISO-certified data center
  • SSO/AD FS/LDAP Authentication
  • Optional access restriction based on IP range
  • Flexible Monthly License Plan

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Private Cloud Documentation

ELN Implementation

For companies and universities that need to comply to strict policies

eLABJournal On-Premises is similar to eLABJournal Private Cloud, but offers installation of the software and all data on company or institute servers. This solution fits your needs best if you need to comply with strict IT policies, for example, having data stored locally. Your IT department will be responsible for system monitoring, maintenance, and data back-ups, while we provide software updates and functional support in a tailored service level agreement.

Advantages of eLABJournal On-Premises

  • Full system control
  • All data stored locally
  • Individual system customization options
  • Certified internal system administrator

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On-Premises Documentation

ELN Implementation