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Alice Hui

"Our R&D pipeline generates a large number of samples and sample types that require tracking through multiple changes of ownership and product development phases. eLABJournal software allows us to document our experiments using the Electronic Lab Notebook module, and associate samples using the Sample Management Module. These tracking capabilities allow us to maintain high QA/QC standards and secure stewardship of customer-associated samples. Due to the ease of access to eLABJournal’s internet-based software, all team members can access and track relevant information from separate computers, thus avoiding the limit of a single point of access. Lab members can devote more time and effort to performing their experiments."

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Alice Hui Plastomics
User since April 2019

Milica Markovic

"Thanks to eLABJournal, we managed in just 3 months to organize the documentation of our R&D for four different projects. Experiments stay with excellent inner division, easy to cross-reference and faster to fill out, compared to our previous organization. The procedure section helped us in organizing our protocols and finding its weak spot for someone who should read them for the first time. However, the cherry on the top for our researchers is Sample documentation which is extremely useful, especially since we work in physically separated laboratories across the city and with a different working hour, and with the production up to 100 samples of a different kind per week. It helps us to track down not only details about each sample but to easily find out which was the parental sample."

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Milica Markovic Bio Bureau Biotecnologia Ltda.
User since June 2019

Benjamin Zinsser

"eLABJournal allows our team to work closely together on one platform with the possibility to store and share any information without losing context. In addition with eLABJournal we can manage all experiments easily but never lose flexibility."

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Benjamin Zinsser Plant Research Associate, Farmers Cut, Germany
User since December 2018

Joep van den Dikkenberg

"eLABInventory gives us full insight and control over all our used cell lines, plasmids and their history.Tracking down if a cell line is recently tested for mycoplasm before sending to a collaborating scientist is easy with eLABInventory, every time it gives me the confidence that I am in control over the quality of our work."

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Joep van den Dikkenberg Research technician, Utrecht University, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Netherlands
User since April 2013

Jeno Bongers

"What we really like about eLABJournal is the ease with which you will learn to work with it."

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Jéno Bongers MSc Researcher R&D, CNC Holding B.V., the Netherlands
User since April 2018

Dmitry Lapin

"Our group is now using eLABInventory. This is clearly a better level of lab management. It feels like a shift from a simple mobile phone to a smartphone. Thanks to the eLABInventory team.""

Dmitry Lapin Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research
User since June 2016

Katharina Hanika

"Working with the eLABJournal and eLABInventory has significantly improved my data management. The digital sample storage has become indispensable from my everyday work, and my research has benefited from the easy collaboration with my colleagues to share protocols, samples and data."

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Katharina Hanika Scientist, Wageningen University
User since April 2016


"We have been using eLabProtocols here in the lab and it has been working wonderfully"

Anita Rogic Associate Researcher II, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York
User March 2016

Joost Folgering

"We have been working with the eLABInventory system for a couple of years now. The system is extremely versatile and flexible. We use it not only for tracking our biological samples but also for keeping stock of our chemicals. Good quality software, no need to buy extras that you will never use."

Joost Folgering Trial Manager, Brains On-Line in the Netherlands
User since April 2011

Advantages for Scientists

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Access your data anywhere
  • Work efficiently and save time
  • Make fewer experiment mistakes
  • Improve reproducibility
  • Collaborate and share your data
Tudor Saroiu

More importantly, the LIMS system (eLABJournal) has given our QA department a performance advantage by bringing our QA program to the next level while enabling us to meet the requirements of the CFIA Safe Food for Canadians Act with respect to the traceability of each ingredient and the batch data.

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Tudor Saroiu Manager, Quality Assurance, Environmental Health and Safety, Steam Whistle, Canada

Tanya Heim

Our lab has established a biobank for over 40 subtypes of sarcoma. We needed a better way to track our biospecimen inventory. eLab allowed us to store clinical information on the same platform where the biospecimen inventory was logged. We used to use separate Excel spreadsheets to track inventory and clinical information, which was tedious and time consuming. eLab has provided a secure platform that is able to grow and adapt with our ever evolving biobank.

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Tanya Heim Clinical Research Coordinator, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, USA

Dr. Jan Modregger

We have benefited a great deal from having all the information in one place, providing the whole team with comprehensive (anytime, anywhere) access to the data. This allows us to keep all the lab personnel informed about ongoing experiments and use the workforce flexibly where it is needed. This makes us more efficient and helps us to compile formal reports about our projects with minimal effort.

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Dr. Jan Modregger, MBA Head of Research & Development, Production, EUCODIS, Austria
User since November 2019
Sara Mandić

Thanks to eLABJournal, FOx Biosystems is able to accurately and efficiently manage all generated laboratory research data. The user-friendly and straightforward Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) software enables us to centralize orders, collect and track sample information, make reservations for our devices and generate protocols. Implementation of eLABJournal within FOx Biosystems went very fluently, since everything is accessible with only a few clicks. We can strongly recommend the use of eLABJournal to other companies and academic institutions, since they will benefit from all its advantages.

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Sara Mandić Lab Engineer, Hair Diagnostix (HDX), The Netherlands
User since July 2019
Anne Houbrechts

Thanks to eLABJournal, FOx Biosystems is able to accurately and efficiently manage all generated laboratory research data. The user-friendly and straightforward Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) software enables us to centralize orders, collect and track sample information, make reservations for our devices and generate protocols. Implementation of eLABJournal within FOx Biosystems went very fluently, since everything is accessible with only a few clicks. We can strongly recommend the use of eLABJournal to other companies and academic institutions, since they will benefit from all its advantages.

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Anne Houbrechts Research Manager, FOx Biosystems, The Netherlands
User since July 2019
Joseph C. Green, B.S

We have been using eLAB for about 6 months now and it has greatly improved our organization and efficiency. My favorite part is having the COA and QC documents pertaining to each individual antibody/protein all in one place. Shortly our company will be kicking off a 1,250 patient clinical trial and eLAB is going to be an integral part of managing the study. eLAB is very customizable and capable of meeting many different needs, I’m sure that with continued use we will discover even more features that will help improve our work flow. Additionally the eLAB team is incredibly responsive and easy to work with. Thanks for the help getting us going and answering all of our questions.

Joseph Green Senior Laboratory Technologist, BRAINBox Solutions, Inc., USA
User since 2018
Sheila Walker

Before purchasing eLABJournal, all research experiments were documented in lab notebooks with much time spent copying and pasting results into the notebooks. It was impossible to put all of the results in the notebooks as there were so many electronic data. Since we have gotten eLABJournal, all research experiments are documented electronically with the ability to append all of the electronic data associated with the experiments. This has been a game changer for us in terms of saving time but also it has increased productivity as it allows us to easily search the database using keywords for any experiment written. In addition to the ease of using eLABJournal, the eLAB customer support group is incredibly responsive with any questions we have.

Sheila Walker Lab Manager, Prometheus Lab - Nestle HealthScience, USA
User since January 2019
Charlie Moritz

eLABInventory helps us track samples through testing and development and provides an easy-to-search database for past studies.

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Charlie Moritz Vice President-Research and Development, Blachford Acoustics Group, West Chicago (IL), USA
User since May 2016

Ludolf Boven

We are striving to become a 100% digital office and eLabJournal perfectly complements this company goal. This affordable digital lab journal gives an easy (searchable) overview of all (current) experiments and easily connects the SOPs to the inventory manager. In addition, PhD students, their experiments and data can efficiently be tracked. And the service is great!

Ludolf Boven Research Technician, University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands
User since May 2013

Marja O'Neill

The fantastic support we get from you has had a huge impact on our decision to continue with eLABJournal as opposed to other ELN and LIMS.

Marja O'Neill Project Coordinator, Forest Molecular Genetics (FMG), University of Pretoria
User since August 2016

Patrick Rurenga

We use eLABInventory for sample and bacterial strain storage and we are very pleased with the system. It's easy in use, and if there are things that you want changed, all you have to do is ask and they try to implement them if possible.

Patrick Rurenga Oral Biology Analyst, University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands
User since November 2013

Advantages for Lab managers

  • Become an efficient paperless office
  • Centralize order requests and approval
  • Easy overview of all sample collections
  • Spend less time digging through experiment data
Lorenzo Corsini

eLABJournal is the cornerstone of our documentation processes. We use it to document experiments and protocols, manage biological samples, organize our -80 freezer, print labels, and even order consumables—essentially using all of the features it offers. Clean documentation is the basis for reproducible research and progress in commercial R&D.

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Lorenzo Corsini CEO, Research and Development, Vienna, Austria
User since March 2018

Advantages for Group leaders

  • Easy experiment documentation
  • Overview of all running projects and studies
  • Improve efficiency of all lab tasks
Linda Dijkshoorn

eLABJournal has made the set-up of our laboratory very easy. It gives us the tools to organize the laboratory and share our projects and data.

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Linda Dijkshoorn Genetic Engineer, CEO and founder, EV Biotech, Groningen, The Netherlands
User since January 2019

Centre for Cancer Biology

eLABJournal has greatly facilitated our work and the close following up and easy back-and-forward of long-term experiments and the storage, in a very versatile way, of all the information that is required for the setup of highly reproducible protocols. It also has allowed us to link and maximise our resources because of the inventory function, so no more waste of time locating samples! It also permits very easy to link all type of data associated to an experiment/study either alone or in collaborations in a single hot spot. This has been working wonderful and it has been a great investment for a newly set up laboratory as is ours.

Dr. Guillermo Gomez and Dr Mariana Oksdath Mansilla Tissue Architecture and Organ Function Laboratory, Centre for Cancer Biology, an Alliance between SA Pathology and the University of South Australia
User since January 2018

Ronnie Berntsson

eLABJournal provides excellent software that makes research easy to document and retrieve, while also providing stellar support, improving our research efficiency. I’m very happy with my eLABJournal subscription.

Ronnie Berntson Assistant Professor, Umea University in Sweden
User since April 2015

Gert Hofstede

eLABJournal enables our students to keep digital logbooks properly! I have used eLABJournal for the past two years. eLABJournal is web-based and that means you can use it on any device. All you need is an account and a stable WiFi connection. Its greatest value to us as a course is that we can train students perfectly for the field in which they will soon be working!

Gert Hofstede Institute for Life Science & Technology, Hanzehogeschool The Netherlands

Advantages for Teachers

  • Easy-to-demonstrate software for classes, both small and large
  • Keep track of student progress
  • Uploaded student reports are automatically timestamped
  • Comment on and grade reports online
Anass Fendrhoussi

In my experience, eLABJournal has been a great help in organizing our data and products. This software is very user-friendly and very professional to use both for students and researchers.

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Anass Fendrhoussi Medical laboratory researcher, iGEM Rotterdam, The Netherlands
User 2019
Ben Kuipers

eLABJournal combined our various projects into one, was amazingly fast to implement, and managed the storage and retrieval of samples using the eLABInventory function.

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Ben Kuipers Safety Officer, iGEM Wageningen, The Netherlands
User 2019
Oskar Westlin

eLABJournal made it possible for Uppsala iGEM to organize a lab of freshmen to senior students into a single working unit. Once set up, it’s very easy and time-efficient to use and it has been a strong contributing factor to our nomination for the 2015 iGEM environmental awards.

Oskar Westlin Student, Uppsala University in Sweden
User May 2015

Advantages for Students

  • Easy-to-use and time-efficient
  • Collaborate and share findings
  • Improve quality of experiments
  • Get to know the connected lab of the future