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eLABInventory Assures Quality for Utrecht University Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Utrecht University is an international research university of the highest quality and the alma mater of many leading names, academics and scientists who have made important contributions to the advancement of society. The core activity of the Department Pharmaceutical Sciences is the design and pre-clinical testing of tailor-made drug delivery systems for site-specific, time- and/or rate-controlled delivery of small molecular weight drugs, therapeutic proteins, nucleic acids (including DNA and siRNA), and antigens, for the therapy and prevention of life-threatening diseases such as cancer, inflammation, and infectious diseases.

Joep van den Dikkenberg

eLABInventory gives us full insight and control over all our used cell lines, plasmids and their history.Tracking down if a cell line is recently tested for mycoplasm before sending to a collaborating scientist is easy with eLABInventory, every time it gives me the confidence that I am in control over the quality of our work.”

Joep van den Dikkenberg Research technician, Department Pharmaceutical Sciences


Developing new strategies to solve delivery problems encountered by pharmacologically active compounds.

Challenge – Organize and have a clear overview of GMO, virus and DNA storage

We work with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and viruses in a lab that specializes in cell culture systems. We needed a tool to help us track all of the cell lines, plasmids, antibodies, and probes in our storage freezers and fridges.

Solution – Clear overview of samples and facilitated monitoring of all groups

eLABInventory is an easy to learn, access, and adjust tool that helped us get a handle on all of our samples. It keeps track of our batch numbers, clones, medical technology assessments (MTAs), and contaminations, as well as GMO registrations through our GMO Permits.

Result – Easy track and trace of samples with history overview

TOur GMO database is up to date, and still growing with additional data about our samples. Also, we have now a history of usage which makes the reporting process much easier.

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