eLABJournal ELN | Zebra Printer

Zebra ZPL Label Printer

In eLABJournal you can print barcode labels with a Zebra© (ZPL) label printer. Install the Zebra© label printer and activate the printer connection in the account settings. Print labels for samples, sample series and equipment and use the Mobile App or a barcode scanner for identification.

Setting up the Zebra© Label Printer in eLABJournal requires the installation of eLABPrint, the component that handles the communication from your browser to the printer. Note that only Zebra printers that supports ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) printer codes are compatible with eLABJournal.


There are also other label printers on the market, such as Brady©, that work with ZPL label printers. Although these printers are not formally supported, printing labels should work with other brand ZPL label printers. For more information about the compatibility of your printer, please contact your printer vendor. Install the Zebra© Label Printer, install eLABPrint and connect it to your account by following the installation instructions

Zebra Label Printers offer a wide range of label types that are suitable for all kinds of applications (including cryo- and chemical resistant). ZPL Printer label templates can be uploaded in eLABJournal. Although eLABJournal supports the option to design ZPL label templates, we recommend you to contact your label vendor to provide you with a correctly formatted ZPL label template according to your specifications. Alternatively, you can use the free online ZPL label configurator Labelary to generate the ZPL label template.

Supported Printers

  • Zebra GK420
  • Zebra GT800
  • Zebra ZD620t