There are several ways to collaborate and share data in the ELN. If you want to collaborate with other lab members, you can give them access to your experiment by adding them as a collaborator to an experiment. Alternatively, you can use a project group to organize and share your projects with collaborators from both inside and outside the lab. Navigate to Project Groups in the Configuration tab and click Add Project Group.

Enter the name of the project group and click Create Project Group. The user that creates a project group is assigned as that group's administrator. Administrators can add or remove users from the project group. After creating the project group, you can edit the project group to add new project group members and assign additional administrators. 

The new project group will be listed and you will be added as a member of the project group. An administrator can either add users to a project group who are a member of the lab, or they can add users who are working in another lab within the same system. This enables users to share data and collaborate with outside labs. Note: with the exception of administrators, users will have the same permissions in the project group as they have in their own lab. 

The added project group will become available in the Experiment Browser to all users who are listed as members of the project group. Users can view and add and data to experiments in projects and studies within the project group.