To create a new project navigate to the Experiment Browser or to Projects in the Journal tab and click on the add project button

When adding a project you can enter the following information:

  • Project ID * – The project identifier used in the lab to discriminate each project (Required)
  • Project Name * – The project name used in the lab
  • Project Description – A description of the project
  • Project Notes – Notes about the project
  • Project Collaboration – Set the lab members you want to add as a collaborator to each experiment added in this project
  • Project Status – Set the project status to active or inactive
  • Project Labels – Add labels to project to easily filter and find back projects

Note that if you want, you can change the labels of the Project ID and Project Name in the Group Settings. In this way, each lab is free to choose whether to use the Project ID or the Project Name as the primary identifier in the system.

Optionally you can store additional information for a project by adding custom project specification fields. You can add a Text Field to store additional project information or add a File Attachment Field to link a project file

Click on Add Field, select the field type and specify how you want to label the field.

Once fields are added you can update, remove or change the order of the fields.