For each group, there are a number of settings that can be set to further customize the system according to the requirements of the lab. In contrast to various user-specific settings that can be changed for each account, the group settings apply for all members of the lab.

Navigate to My Groups and click Edit

The following group settings are supported:


  • Group name - change the name of this group.
  • Group Description -  change the group description.
  • Website - add a website.
  • Join Settings - change the join settings.
  • Logo - change the logo.

Group Settings

  • Label Project ID – change the name of the label Project ID as used in the application (the default primary identifier in the application)
  • Label Project Name – change the name of the label Project name as used in the application.
  • Week numbering – change the week numbering (default ISO)
  • First Weekday – change the first day of the week setting (default Monday EU/ISO)
  • Sorting of Inventory Browser – change to define how the inventory browser is sorted.

Group Policies

  • Witness Signature - a witness signature is required for all experiments.
  • Two-Step Verification - two-step verification is required for all group members to log in.