To add a storage unit to your lab to store samples, navigate to Storage Units in the Configuration menu.

In the list you will see all storage units available for your lab. Click on Add Storage Unit to set up a new storage unit and configure it according to the specifications of your lab.

In the first configuration step you can choose what type of storage unit you want to add. Choose between adding a Liquid nitrogen, -80 Freezer, -20 Freezer, Refrigerator, Safety Cabinet, Cupboard, Shelf or define a Custom storage unit. Click on the storage location you want to add and then proceed.

After selecting the desired storage type, you can further configure the storage unit. Enter a Name and choose which compartments you want to add. For instance, in a -80 freezer, you have the option to add towers or drawers and choose the box dimensions. You can also set the compartment numbering which is used to automatically number boxes when adding them to the freezers. Note that during the configuration only 1 compartment is added to the storage unit. In the Inventory browser, you can add compartments complete the storage unit configuration.

In the last step, you can enter the physical location of the storage unit by defining the department, building, floor and room in which it is located.

After finalizing the storage unit, you can complete the configuration in the Inventory Browser by adding the required number of compartments to the storage location.