To complete the configuration of a new storage location or to later add compartments to an existing storage location, navigate to the Inventory Browser. First select the storage unit or one of its compartments in the navigation tree and click on the Add button. Apart from the option to add a sample, you also have the option to add the default compartment type as defined during the storage unit configuration.

In the appeared pop-up menu, the compartment name will be suggested based on the configuration setting of the storage unit, but you are free to specify the compartment name according to your preference. To add multiple compartments at once, select the corresponding option. When adding multiple compartments, you define the following settings:

  • Number of compartments – the number of compartments that should be created in the selected compartment.
  • Compartment numbering – the number that should be appended to the compartment name (the default setting as specified during the storage unit configuration will be selected)

Click on Add >> to add the compartments to your storage unit. In this way you have full flexibility to configure the storage location according to your needs. Note that if the compartment type/configuration is not present in the default compartment options, you must first create a new compartment type.