In addition to scanning sample barcodes with the eLabJournal Mobile App, eLabJournal is also compatible with a wide range of wired and wireless 2D barcode scanners that support the HID interface. 

When the scanner is connected to your computer, you can scan the barcodes of samples or compartments (both generated in eLabJournal as well as external barcodes associated with samples or compartments) to retrieve the information directly on connected device's screen. Additionally, you can perform a variety of actions on samples using barcodes generated with the Barcode Automation add-on. 

Supported barcode scanners

eLabNext does not offer or sell scanners, these can be purchased through your lab's local supplier. While eLabNext does not officially support specific models of barcode scanners, we have tested a wide range of options with the platform and found all of them to be generally compatible with our platform.

As a rule of thumb, any scanner that can be connected or configured as "keyboard" to your computer should work. In other words, when your scanner is connected to your computer with notepad open, scanning the barcode should result in the the barcode being added to notepad. If that is the case, the barcode scanner should be compatible with eLabJournal. For more information please feel free to contact us.


Should there be any issue when connecting your barcode scanner, the most common issues with a barcode scanner are listed here. 

  • The barcode scanner does not scan - Can you scan a barcode in word/notepad. When scanning a barcode in word/notepad does not work the scanner might not be installed correctly. If you are using a bluetooth scanner please reconnect the scanner. 
  • Is the barcode that you are trying to scan of good quality - low resolution/quality barcodes or barcodes on a transparent or glossy background can be hard to scan. 
  • Can you scan a QR-code from a product or a magazine? - The printed barcode might not be of good quality. 
  • Can you scan a 1D-barcode? - If you can scan this barcode, but not an eLabJournal barcode you scanner might not be able to scan 2D or QR barcodes. 
  • Can you scan the barcodes from above with a mobile phone - If scanning with a mobile phone works but not with the scanner it problem is most likely the scanner. 
  • Does the scanner work on another computer - After switching computers most scanners need to be paired again
  • Does the scanner work on another computer - Some computer might not have the drivers installed by default, get the latest drivers from the product manufacturer website. 
  • I can scan a linear or one-dimensional (1D) barcode but not the eLabJournal barcodes - There are different barcode scanners make sure that your scanner is able to scan 2D barcodes. 
  • The scanner cannot scan a barcode - If there is an extra layer of plastic on the barcode the reflection of the plastic might be interfering with the barcode scanner. 
  • The scanner cannot scan a barcode - The lens from the barcode scanner can be damaged or dirty. 
  • Can you scan self-printed barcodes from eLabJournal - if you can scan al kinds of codes, but not your own printed ones the problem might be with the printer?

If  scanning is still not working, please contact us. Scanners are an add-ons that requires several components to be properly installed, we are unable to support solving issues with scanning that are unrelated to eLabJournal.