During the registration of your account, your time zone is set. All dates in the system are recorded in UTC and are automatically converted based on the time zone set for your account. Therefore it is important that the set time zone is correct so that dates and times are properly displayed in the system. If your lab relocates or if your time zone is not properly set, you can change the time zone in the account settings under My Account.

In the General tab, you have the change the timezone set for your account. Select the desired time zone from the dropdown list and click Save Setting to confirm

Besides changing the time zone, eLabJournal also supports the display of dates and times in different format dependening on your preference. For dates, the following format options are supported:

  • year / month / day – yyyy-mm-dd (default setting)
  • month / day / year – mm-dd-yyyy
  • day / month / year – dd-mm-yyyy

To display times, the following formats are supported:

  • 24h  0-24h (default setting)
  • AM/PM – 0-12AM and 0-12PM

After changing the date and time setting, all dates and times displayed in the application will automatically be formatted according to the chosen date- and time settings.