With Elemental Machines' easy-to-install sensors and real time data monitoring makes setup a breeze and surprises a thing of the past. The result? More discovery, fewer surprises. Elemental Machines empowers you to understand and optimize your lab environment by connecting disparate assets. Seamlessly integrate real-time instrument data with eLabJournal. Our integration allows you to access critical data about your equipment including temperature, humidity, light and air pressure, maintenance and calibration records, critical performance and utilization metrics, user workflows, machine health and utilization. Elemental Machines is the most flexible and easy to install monitoring system that gives you the piece of mind that your lab equipment is operating properly and lab work is being protected. Our systems combine easy to install monitoring devices and insightful details that help you understand the lab environment from anywhere. Our platform also assists with GxP compliance. NIST-traceable sensors, field calibration, audit reports and IQ/OQ procedures help pharma customers comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Elemental Machines is working to support better science through the connection of humans, data and equipment.

To connect a sensor to your device in eLabJournal, navigate to the storage unit of equipment to view the device. On the device the Elemental Machine section is now available to connect the sensor.

Click Connect Sensor and enter of scan the Elemental Machines sensor serial number and click Save

Once the correct serial number has been entered, the sensor reading will show up in on the device.

Additionally, real-time temperature reading will become visible in the Inventory Browser (this may require activation via the add-on configuration).

To manage any linked devices to storage units or equipment in, navigate to the the add-on configuration. Under Manage Connected Devices, all equipment is listed to which sensors are connected. Here you can unlink any sensor from any storage unit or equipment in eLabJournal