The SafeCode Consumable add-on visualizes all Eppendorf consumable information such as lot number, article number and all certificates of quality to enable complete and efficient documentation within eLabJournal. To install the SafeCode add-on navigate to Marketplace and install the Eppendorf SafeCode Consumable add-on. 

Once a CryoVial barcode is linked to a sample, either using the RackScan add-on or by manually linking the vial barcode to the sample, the SafeCode Consumable add-on automatically adds all consumable information to your sample documentation. 

Important notice: the SafeCode consumable information is retrieved from the Eppendorf server in real -time and is not stored in eLabJournal. For customers with eLabJournal On-Premises installation, connection to the internet is required for the SafeCode Consumable add-on to be functional.