Besides adding a comment section in the ELN to make remarks on an experiment, you can also add comments next to any section of an experiment. Open the section context menu and select the Add Comment option.

A comment will be placed next to the selected experiment section. Comments on an experiment section are intended to inform other lab members about changes or remarks during the progress of an experiment. As remarks are not part of the experiment data, they should be removed prior to signing the experiment. Any data in a comment that should be kept, should be added in a section.

Tag a user in a comment by typing the @sing followed by a collaborator name in that experiment. 

Users will get a message that they are mentioned in an experiment in a small message in the right lower corner and in the Notification Inbox If you are using the eLabJournal Mobile App you will also receive the notifications in your mobile app. 

Comments can also be made on signed experiments. Use the Add Comment button to make a comment. You can view the comment history of removed comments