Each experiment, study, and project has a status The following statuses are available:

Configuring - indicates that the experiment being configured and is not ready to be started (to be used when setting up an experiment that will be executed by another colleague)

Pending - indicates that the experiment is ready to be started

In Progress - indicates that the experiment has started and is in progress

Completed - indicates that the experiment has been completed

To update the status of an experiment, open the experiment and click Edit icon.

In the pop-up window, change the status in the drop down menu.

It is also possible to use the Complete button to quickly update an experiment's status to Completed. 

An experiment that has the status Completed can still be set back to any other status. Additionally, users have the option to sign experiment. Note that when signing an experiment, the status is automatically set to Completed and cannot be changed. If the group requires witness signatures for experiments, the status can be changed if the witness declines to sign off on an experiment.

The status of a study is automatically updated when all of their experiments are marked Completed. Once all studies with a project are set to Completed status, the project's status will be automatically updated to Completed as well.