Exporting data from eLabJournal is an important function to ensure that your data can be archived on your local server. eLabJournal supports serveral options to export studies. You can export data in a PDF, HTML, JSON or XML format, or you can generate your own export format using our API.

To export a study from your ELN, navigate to the ELN Export page under the File Storage tab and click Select items.

Next, use the experiment browser to find the study you want to export and click the Export button.

The study is added to the list of files to export, which allows you can select additional studies. Once you have added the studies you want to export, click the Export button.

In the next step, you can choose to export the data as PDF, HTML, JSON, or as XML file. Click on Export to start the export. When exporting a study a ZIP file is created that contains all studies, including all contained experiments in that study as well as all linked data files. 

The generated export file will be added to the ELN export files list, from where you can download, remove or see the export file information.

Note that generated export files will automatically be removed from the system within 48 hours after the file has been created.