To support linking of files in the ELN file section in eLabJournal, you can install the External File Link add-on from the Marketplace. The use of this add-on requires eLabWebEdit (Windows) or eLabConnect (Mac) which is available for download here.

Important notice: the use of this add-on breaks GLP compliance as files are not stored but linked from an external file location source in the ELN. Ensuring file integrity and versioning in accordance to GLP compliance should be handled outside of eLabJournal

After installation of the External File Link add-on, the Link File  button will become available in the ELN file sections.

Click Link File and select a file from your local file server location. Once the first file is linked in the ELN, the tracking column indicates which files are tracked in eLabJournal (and thus uploaded in the ELN) and which files are not tracked in eLabJournal (and linked in the ELN from an external file storage location). Once a file has been linked you can preview the file, removing the file from the file section and showing the file log including the file location path. Important notice: the external file link stores the absolute path to a file location. Changing the location of the file on the external file storage will break the link to the file in eLabJournal