VisioNize Sense is an external sensor that offers a flexible way to visualize temperature data to monitor and protect the integrity of your samples. To enable real-time temperature of storage units and equipment with  in eLabJournal, you can install the VisioNize Sense add-on from the Marketplace.

After installation of the VisioNize add-on, proceed and configure the add-on and set the Hostname of the VisioNize Server (e.g. the base url of the first part of the url until the first when logged in in VisioNize)

To connect a sensor to your device in eLabJournal, navigate to the storage unit of equipment to view the device. On the device the Eppendorf VisioNize section is listed.

Click Login to VisioNize and proceed by entering your VisioNize credentials.

Once logged to VisioNize successfully, click Connect Sensor.

To connect the sensor enter the VisioNze DeviceID (note that currently you can only retrieve the Device ID from the URL in VisioNize when the device sensor data is displayed) and click Save.

Once the correct Device ID has been entered, the sensor reading will show up in on the device.

Additionally, real-time temperature reading will become visible in the Inventory Browser (this may require activation via the add-on configuration)


The VisioNize Sense add-on currently does support connecting VisioNize-enabled devices. but only works with VisioNize Sense external sensors.