To further improve the efficiency in routine laboratories, you can also choose to group multiple experiment templates and add them all automatically in the system when setting up a study. Click on the Add Template Group button in Experiment Templates. Note that the option to create a study template is not active by default, but requires the installation of an additional add-on. Please install the Study Template add-on in our Marketplace.

To define a template consisting of multiple experiment templates that are chained, you select the Experiment Templates in the left panel and move them to the right panel using the arrows and click. Note that the same experiment templates can be used in multiple study templates, so be aware that when updating an experiment template that is used in multiple study templates, this will affect all study templates.

Once you have defined a study template, you can select the option to add a study from a template when adding a study. After selecting this option, you can choose the template from the appeared dropdown menu.

After adding the study, the experiments including all sections defined in the study template will be added to the study. In this way, it is possible to streamline research projects and set up predefined studies for colleagues or students more efficiently.