After downloading and installing the eLabJournal App from the Google Play store or Apple App store, enter your registered (organisation) email address and password and press Sign in. In case your or organisation uses AD/LDAP/Single-Sign-On you must log in using the Organisation Login.

With the Organisation Login, you must login to the Mobile App using an access token. First login to the eLabJournal Web Application to generate a token in Apps and Connections

In the Mobile Apps section, click Manage Authentication to generate an access token for your mobile device.

Next you can generate an access token for your device. Enter a name or description of the device you are creating an access token for. Here you can also remove access tokens for old devices that are no longer used and access from such a device shall be blocked.

Scan the appeared 2D barcode when activating the organisation login option to login to your account on the Mobile App.