There are four basic permission settings. You can assign permissions to View, Add, Update and Delete entries in the system. For instance, you can set permissions to view, add, update or delete projects, studies, experiments, etc. Navigate to Configuration – Permissions or to My Groups - Manage Permissions to view the permissions in the group and change them according to the lab requirements.

The permissions table shows a list of all supported system actions with the option to activate or deactivate an action using checkboxes. In this way, you only have to define a standard set of permissions for each user role. After setting or changing permissions, click Save.

Permissions are directly reflected in the user-interface of the end-user. The navigation menu, as well as action buttons, are not present for users with a user role that does not have the corresponding permission setting. For instance if a user only has the permissions to view a project, the buttons to add, update and delete projects are not available.

The new user role is added to the permission table and permissions can be set by checking the checkboxes for each permission.