If eLabJournal is used by multiple labs in your organisation, there is also the option to share storage units across multiple labs. Note that this option can only be activated by the organisation key user in the Organisation Admin Panel. If multiple labs in your organisation use eLabJournal, please contact us for more information about the Organisation Admin Panel. If a storage unit is shared with your lab, you can access the location in the Inventory Browser.

All samples stored by other labs in this storage unit or any of its compartments are anonymized and cannot be viewed by people in other labs. By sharing storage units, you can set up centralized locations for sample storage for multiple labs in an organisation to make them all accessible for different labs without disclosing information about the actual content. Note that if you are a member of multiple labs in which the storage unit is shared, you can change the active lab to access information about the other samples stored in the lab.

You further manage shared storage units via the ConfigurationStorage Units. Here you can perform standard actions like reserving compartments for particular users or roles as well as removing a shared storage unit from your lab.