All eLabJournal On-Premises and Private Cloud System installations require a system license. The system license is provided by Bio-ITech and ensures system access by up to the purchased number of users and up to the period for which a license was purchased. For On-Premises installation with a Perpetual license, only the number of users is taken into account. A user is counted as taking a license in the system if all of the following conditions are true:

  • The user is active (i.e users that have been deactivated do not count)
  • User that are a member of one or more groups  (i.e users, like system admins or organisation admins, that only need access for IT system management are not counted)
  • Users that have a assigned user role in any group (i.e users that have a non-blocked user role in any group)

A full reported of the registered users can be generated in the License Reporting

 Systems installed before 2020

System Licenses have been introduced in 2021. For customers with a Private Cloud or On-Premises installed prior to 2021, a license will be provided or installed for your system as soon as possible. For more information, please contact us