All eLabJournal On-Premises and Private Cloud System installations require a system license. The system license is provided by eLabNext upon installation of the system and ensures access for the purchased number of users through the period for which a license was purchased. In case of a license upgrade or extension, eLabNext will provide a new system license that can be installed by the system administrator / key user of the system. Note: for On-Premises installations with a Perpetual license, only the number of users is taken into account.

To install a system license, open the System License page under System in the System Admin Panel. Click the Choose file button to select and upload the provided license file. Note: activation of the license may take up to 15 minutes.

A user is counted as taking a license in the system if all of the following conditions are true:

  1. The user is active (i.e users that have been deactivated do not count)
  2. The user is a member of one or more groups  (i.e  system admins or organisation admins that only need access to the enterprise panel for IT system management are not counted)
  3. The user has been assigned a user role in any group (i.e users that have a non-blocked user role in any group)

You will be contacted prior to licenses expiry to extend the license for use of the software. In case you want an early license extension, you may contact

Group License

In addition to the System license, all groups need to have been issued a Group license to ensure correct allocation of seats among groups within the system.