eLabJournal offers a Marketplace with many add-ons to extend the functionality of the application. The Marketplace is available for groups and users to handle installation of most add-ons autonomously. To install add-ons on the system level key-users can access the system Marketplace. 

Navigate to Marketplace in the System Admin Panel and open System Marketplace and select the Marketplace tab here, you can find the following functionalities:

  • System Marketplace - In the system Marketplace you can manage the installation and activation of add-ons on the system level and handle approval of add-ons
  • Add-on Management - Lists all add-ons installed in your system and allows the addition and manual retrieval of add-ons for your system 
  • External Repository sources Set or remove the source for external add-on repositories from which add-ons are loaded.

In case Marketplace is not active in your system, pleas Enable Marketplace in the System Settings.