As Excel is a Microsoft product, the use of Excel in eLABJournal by the end-user requires a license. Most (academic) organisations have a volume license for the use of Microsoft Office that includes unlimited use of Microsoft Office Web Apps by its employees. In that case, the use of Office Web Apps in eLABJournal is allowed without additional license costs in the eLABJournal Private Cloud and eLABJournal On-Premises installations. In case your lab uses the eLABJournal Cloud, Excel can be included either as an add-on in the eLABJournal Cloud license for an additional license fee or we can provide a dedicated Office Web Apps server for your organisation that is licensed under the client's existing office volume license. For a free alternative of integration of Microsoft Excel in eLABJournal, you can install the free add-on eLABWebEdit.