To add a Formula to a protocol, click on + in the formula bar of the text editor.

In the appeared pop-up menu, select Formula as the field type and click Next.

In the next step you define the formula. Select the created Variable in the protocol and click on Insert Field to use it in the formula. Alternatively, you can manually enter a variable by placing the variable name between curly brackets (i.e. {variable description} )

Define the relationship between the entered variable and the formula you want to create. A large number of mathematical operators are supported, of which the most basic operators are listed below:

  • + – add (={Volume}+2)
  • – subtract ({Volume}-2)
  • * – multiplication ({Volume}*2)
  • / – divide by ({Volume}/2)
  • ^ – power ({Volume}^2)
  • sqrt() – square root sqrt({Volume})
  • round(a/b,4) - round({volume}/2,4) volume/2 and rounding 4 digits after the comma 

In case your required mathematical operator is not supported, please contact our support desk. Once the formula has been defined, click Finish to add it to your protocol. The formula will be added to the protocol. When changing the variable, the value outcome of the formula will automatically adjust. When selecting the formula in the protocol when editing the section, the formula will become active and will be displayed in the formula editor bar.