In addition to writing protocols as plaintext, users can also define and insert dynamically-adjustable fields into their SOPs. These dynamic fields allow users to set up standard protocols that can be changed with a few mouse-clicks according to the required experiment settings. Check the public protocol repository for some examples of dynamic protocols.

To create a protocol with a dynamic field, open a protocol section in editing mode and click on the + button in the text editor's formula bar.

 User can add the following types of dynamic fields:

  • Variable – An field whose value can be entered or changed when configuring the protocol
  • Formula – A field whose value automatically updates based on the defined relation between other dynamic fields
  • Existing field – A reference to an existing variable or function field (i.e. a formula referring to the selected existing field)

To prevent data to be overwritten, sections are locked for editing by other users. When a user opens a section that is being edited by another user, the user receives a notification