To add a variable to the procedure, you can click on the '+' in the formula bar of the text editor.

In the appeared pop-up menu, choose the option Variable as the field type to insert. 

Next, choose the type of variable you want to include in the procedure. The following variables are supported:

  • Text/Numeric field – a short text field which includes text and/or numbers can be added
  • Text area – a long text field to enter longer texts in a procedure
  • Checkbox – an option field to select one or more options
  • Dropdown menu – an option field to select one option from a list of options
  • Date field – a field to enter a date using a date picker
  • Time field – a field to enter time using a time picker
  • Date and Time field – a field to enter a date and a time using a date-time picker
  • Link to sample – a field to select a sample
  • Data set – to include a variable that can be used in multiple protocols (a data set)

After selecting click Next to proceed and define the procedure Variable.

  • Description – name, reference or description of the variable
  • Initial Value – value to which the variable is set initially in the protocol (optional)
  • Unit – unit of the value

Click Finish to insert the defined variable in the protocol.