In case the compartment of your preference is not present as an option when adding a compartment, you can define a new compartment type. Open the Inventory Browser and select the storage unit or compartment to which you want to add a new compartment type. Click on the Add button and choose the option Add new compartment type.

In the appeared pop-up menu, you can define the new compartment. You can either add a single open compartment (such as a drawer, tower, rack, canister) in which other compartments or an unspecified number of samples can be added or you can add a predefined 2-dimensional sample container with a fixed number of available positions. Note that in a sample container, only samples can be added and no compartments. Click on Add -> to add the selected compartment type.

When adding a new compartment type for the first time, you will automatically get the option to add a new compartment of the added compartment type. To relabel the compartment types, you must update the storage unit configuration.