To auto-generate numbers for samples added to the inventory, you can enable the Auto-numbering setting in the Sample Type Settings. To set up sample auto-numbering type navigate to ConfigurationSample Types and click the Edit icon for the sample type for which you want to enable auto numbering. Check the option Auto-numbering under Settings & Sections to enable auto-numbering for samples. 

Once Auto-numbering has been enabled, you can define the following settings:

  • Field - Choose the field in which the auto-generated number should be stored in. Choose between Sample Name, a custom sample specification field, or no field in case the number should auto-generate the sample barcode. 
  • Apply to barcode - Optionally enable that the generated number is set as the external ID of the sample. 
  • Prefix - a fixed part that is prepended to the auto-generated number
  • Next Number - Next generated number based on the current counter
  • Minimum Digits - Setting that defines the length of the generated number by added leading zero's based to the Next Number
  • Suffix -  a fixed part that is appended to the auto-generated number

Click Save to enable the auto-numbering for newly created samples. The saved settings will automatically applied to newly created settings