Each sample stored in the system has a sample owner, which is an active user in the lab. If you want to change the owner of a sample, navigate to the Sample List and select the sample that you want to transfer to another owner and select them using the checkboxes and choose from the Sample Actions dropdown menu the Change Owner option.

In the appeared popup menu, you can select the user in the lab that should be the new sample owner and confirm your selecting by clicking Save.

Once a sample has been transferred to the new sample owner, it can be modified by the new owner as long as the new user has permission to view or update his own samples in the system. Note that the person which originally created the sample remains stored in the system as the original creator which is indicated on the sample information sheet.

Besides changing the sample owner in the Sample List, you will also find this option in the Sample Actions menu of the Inventory Browser and the results of the Advanced Sample Search